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E-ne-me-ne-mi-ne-moe (the Choice Is Yours To Pull)

(by David Jones / Wade Brown / John Bristol )

To know of life
(To know of life)
Is to know what I'm living for
Touch my hand
And, baby, I'm yours

To know of love
(To know of love)
Is to know that I live for you
To be in love
Is to be there with you

Everyday means so much to me
But it all depends on you
Don't you know, oh, baby
We were meant to be
Oh, and life for me
Begins and ends with you

To know you're mine
(To know you're mine)
Is to know how it used to be
Yesterday is all I can see
That's how I know
Life can be beautiful
But it all depends on you
Now that you're gone, baby

(Since you've been gone)
Just not the same, baby
Since you've been gone
Just not the same, baby

To know of us
Is what I'm still living for
But it all depends on you
Baby, it all depends on you
(Baby, come home)
To know happiness
Is to know you're here in my arms
(Baby, come home)
Let me know, let me know, let me know
What it is to live again
(Baby, come home)
(Baby, come home)


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E-ne-me-ne-mi-ne-moe (the Choice Is Yours To Pull)


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