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You Rock My World

(by written by Michael Jackson, Rodney Jerkins, Fred Jerkins III, LaShawn Daniels, Nora Payne )

C: Oh man, ah, look at that girl right there! Goodness gracious, ah, that girl is fine man. Look at it, Ohhh she's just too fine. She knows she's fine too.
M: She is banging.
C: Oh, she's off the hook!
M: She looks good. You're right.
C: Ah ah ah ah ah. And I bet you can't nobody get that girl.
M: Chris, I can get her.
C: Can't get that girl, Mike. I Guarantee you can't get that girl.
M: Watch me get that girl.
C: I bet you never-Neverland you can't.
M: I can get her!
C: Alright!, Shomon then, shomon!
M: Watch...

I don't think they're ready for this one
Darkchild ... I like that

Ohhhh, ohhhh

My life will never be the same
'cause girl, you came and changed
The way I walk
The way I talk

I cannot explain the things I feel for you
But girl, you know it's true
Stay with me, fulfil my dreams
And I'll be all you'll need

Oh, oh, oh, oh, ooh, it feels so right
I've searched for the perfect love all my life
Oh, oh, oh, oh, ooh, it feels like I
Have finally found her perfect love is mine

[Chorus x2]
You rocked my world, you know you did
And everything I own I give
The rarest love who'd think I'd find
Someone like you to call mine

In time I knew that love would bring
This happiness to me
I tried to keep my sanity
I waited patiently

Girl, you know it seems
My life is so complete
A love that's true because of you
Keep doing what you do

Oh, oh, oh, oh, who'd think that I
Have finally found the perfect love I searched for all my life
Oh, oh, oh, oh, who'd think I'd find
Such a perfect love that's so right

[Chorus x4]

Girl, I know that this is love
I felt the magic all in the air
And girl, I'll never get enough
That's why I always have to have you here

[Chorus x2]

You rocked my world
You rocked my world, you know you did
The way you talk to me, the way you're loving me
The way you give it to me

You rocked my world, you know you did
Give it to me
You rocked my world, you know you did
You rocked my world, you rocked my world

[Chorus x2]


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You Rock My World


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